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Over the last ten years, I have been composing for brides from all over the world the perfect soundtrack for them to walk down the aisle to.


Erich McVey Photography / Styling by Ginny Au & Kaela Rawson

Deciding on the right piece of music for the entrance can be such a difficult and overwhelming decision, especially given the significance of that moment. 


'What do I like?' 'What do I want?' 'Live or recorded music? 'Which version? '

You google search for "most popular aisle music for brides", but secretly wish there was something more personal and authentic for your own wedding experience.


You look for the closest song or a classical piece of music that could maybe work because you kind of like it or heard it once before at someone else's wedding.


But still, it doesn't sit right in your spirit.

Truth be told, the song you are looking for doesn't exist.

At least not yet.


That is because there is nothing out there that could more aptly represent who you are and your unique love story than something that is actually purposely made for you and your wedding day.


To brides who are genuinely wanting something special and unforgettable, what you'll get is a never-before-heard piece of composition, created exclusively for you.


Not only is this symbolic of the bride (you!) who is about to be revealed for the first time, but it also nods to the new journey you'll be embarking on with the love of your life.

Take advantage of the complimentary consultation below. It only take a few minutes. I guarantee you'll feel more confident about your vision afterwards, especially if you're in the exploration phase. 


I look forward to hearing from you!

Cinematic / Orchestral
Traditional / Hymn
Reverent / Choral
Delicate / Gentle Flow
Uplifting / Heartfelt


Georgie, Godalming, U.K.

"Wow what can I say!! Joanne wrote the most beautiful piece of music for me to walk down the aisle to - it was so much more than I ever could have imagined it to be! From the start of the process to the end, Joanne was patient, kind and understanding; she took my crazy, often unclear ideas and made them into a stunning piece to remember and treasure forever.
Groom says, “The mood of the piece somehow captured the joy and delight of seeing my bride walking down the aisle, in a way that transcended words. It’s a piece of music we will cherish forever.”



To find out more about the different types of bespoke services available, access your complimentary consultation below.

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