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It started organically with close friends who trusted me, and wanted something completely original and personal for their special moment.

A decade later, it has turned into more than just a passion, but an in-depth, first-class bespoke service I offer to brides who don't want to settle for anything ordinary.

Having been a bride myself, walking down the aisle was definitely one of the most cherished and emotional moments of my wedding day. 


It is truly the climax of anticipation on all sides - the bride, groom and guests.


It is the first time the bride is revealed in all her glory, the first time the groom lays eyes on his bride, and the only time where each guest stands to their feet in honour of the bride.

It is literally the most looked-forward to moment of the day.

With such gravity and expectation at play, it is only natural, if not a necessity, to find a piece of music that would accurately reflect the significance and awe of that sacred moment.

There's nothing like a personalised piece of music designed to encapsulate the all-encompassing range of emotions a bride would feel (or hopes to feel) as they walk down the aisle.

Who could've thought it was possible to have your very own real life, fairy-tale soundtrack played on your wedding day, one that is purely inspired by and written for your love story!

Not only that, imagine the next time you flip through your wedding album or celebrate your first milestone in marriage, you will have a song, your song, to carry you right back to that very moment of bliss.

It is a song your children and grandkids will hear and talk about; the song of how you and your love met and tied the knot to.

It is a perfect backdrop for storytelling and reminiscing; a priceless family treasure that will keep on giving.

My part here as the composer is to make that happen for you,  just as I have for brides from all over the world.  And remember, there's not an idea too wild or complicated. Nor one that is too basic or vague.


It's my job to take care of the possible ideas or lack thereof (wouldn't be my first time!), so you can relax and focus on being a happy bride, while I create some musical magic for your wedding day. 


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