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'Music on the Wind' Fundraising Concert

  • St Peter's Church Notting Hill, Kensington Park Road London W11 2PN (map)

Ambitious as it is, weʼre raising £29,600 to take a group of musicians this coming June to Israel and Bethlehem to perform in gigs around the region called "Music on the Wind". I'll be performing new songs and pieces from my upcoming instrumental album, whilst also accompanying other solo artists who are part of the tour.

The hope is to build bridges between communities, and inspire the people who live there to come together through music. We want to invest into the Israelis, Palestinians, the beautiful land and those from all walks of life, races and religions. 

The money raised will cover all of the expenses of the musicians and the concerts themselves. We will also use some of the money to document (through film and photography) these concerts and share it with all donation partners after the event.

So come and help support this wonderful event, and get a chance to meet the musicians and organisers behind this project. 

Find out more about the story behind this vision by watching this 3-min video filmed by the organisers.

We really hope you are inspired to come on board with us, by making a donation to support this cause. Any amount would bring us closer to making this a reality. Thank you so so much!