Behind the Scenes: Portraits in Otherness



It is an immense privilege to be able to work with Akram Khan Company on 'Portraits in Otherness', an upcoming production I'm scoring for which shows on 5-6th June at Sadlers Wells Theatre, London. (Click here for more details)



It's an extraordinary experience to compose music for this specific context, especially to work with a narrative that's constantly being reworked and redefined. Be it in the costume, dance moves, expressions, emotions, silence or score, there's an excitement in knowing that every element has a life of its own. We learnt early on in the initial workshopping process that for the sake of raw and authentic expression, one must not squander creativity with control, but to overcome such temptation through building patience and trust in each team member.  

Dancing still remains the most significant reasons why I still want to connect with the Other, why I want to listen to the Other, why I want to learn from the Other. And the ‘Other’ represents many things to many people – the spiritual, the earth, the other human beings that share this planet with us.
— Akram Khan

Introducing the awesome team I get to work with!!!

First Row (Left to Right): Marie Cantenys (Costume Designer), Ching Ying (Dancer), Farooq Chaudry (Producer), Roger Goula (Composer), Liv Yang (Translator), Julien Leclerc (Photographer) Second Row (Left to Right): Dickson Mbi (Dancer), Maya Jilan Dong (Dancer), Joanne Clara (Composer/Musician)

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