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N o t   F a r

{ a new song for the new year }



a five-track instrumental album featuring orchestral music and various instruments.


Current loves

This is basically a section where I ramble and share with you the things that keep me going through the week.
Since I am easily distracted and pleased (like a puppy), I have found comfort and motivation in taking notes of the things that bring me joy,
and I hope these little discoveries would also somehow fuel your days, especially on Mondays.

The Selah Sessions

Congratulations to my friend Junior Garr who recently released an album- 'The Selah Sessions'! You seriously need to get it!! I've been playing it nonstop since the day of its release...There are many precious and raw musical moments, and every time I listen to the songs my spirit is lifted. Please check Junior's album out on iTunes and Spotify, and support these guys who are making beautiful music!

The Crown

I'm surprised I haven't already finished the series by now (I know most of you have)...but I am catching up steadily and I am on Episode six now. I've been busy practising how to speak with a posh English accent by reading the scriptures out loud- a highly satisfying and entertaining activity, I must say. 

Kleenex Tissues

Despite my strong game at making turmeric latte this past month, I still caught the flu virus and I have since been sniffing away on kleenex tissue. I literally have the tissue box with me everywhere I go. (The balsam type is the best because it doesn't ruin your nose.) Thank you Kleenex.