Current loves

This is basically a section where I ramble and share with you the things that keep me going through the week.
Since I am easily distracted and pleased (like a puppy), I have found comfort and motivation in taking notes of the things that bring me joy,
and I hope these little discoveries would also somehow fuel your days, especially on Mondays.

Turmeric Latte

Winter is an infamous time for colds and silly flus, but that cannot be true when Turmeric Latte is your new best friend. I’ve been religiously grounding fresh turmeric roots and ginger with a cheese grater, and braving the occassional sneeze when a pinch of black pepper (better absorption of turmeric) and cayenne pepper is added (anti-inflammatory). Gently stir the mixture over medium heat with normal milk or a nut milk (I like to use Plenish+ almond milk), and add in a heaped teaspoon of raw organic honey for a sweet finish. This will hopefully keep you warm and healthy throughout the winter period, but be very careful not to spill the latte as the yellow turmeric stain is not easily removed. 

Captain Poldark

The BBC Series Poldark has cured many cabin-fever evenings this past month, sweetly accompanied by homemade popcorn and various Pukka tea selections. I'm currently on Season 1, Ep. 8 and would probably finish Season 2 before Christmas, if the Home Office still hasn't 'decided' on whether I can remain in the UK. Right now it feels like a really luxurious imprisonment. I have Netflix and everything but just not my passports. 

iPhone 7 +

After a long year of battling with an iPhone 5 due to an unfortunate theft at Le Pain Quotidien, I have finally secured a new iPhone that doesn't freeze mid-text or drop dead at 62% battery(?!). Welcome to never syncing my photo library ever again at 256GB storage, and to thousands more of high-quality selfies and videos. All I need now is a longer thumb and wider grip for the plus size, and insurance coverage for taking photos with one hand. Otherwise, this new gadget is seriously rocking my world.